Club Cycle

What is ClubJoy Cycle®?
ClubJoy Cycle® is an indoor cycling programme for anyone enhancing endurance and trimming down body fat. Since we have all been raised with cycling, this is by far one of our most popular programmes. Fast results guaranteed due to a high degree of fat burning.

Does ClubJoy Cycle® really suit me?
ClubJoy Cycle® is for anyone looking to get in shape & stay in shape. Our instructor will inspire you to give maximum effort during every session, week after week. A great workout for all ages, male/female, novice and advanced – all participants will train at their own respective level and intensity.

How is a ClubJoy Cycle® class structured?
During the session, our instructor will take you through virtual cycling paths, from ground level to mountain top. Every week a new route will challenge you to bring out your best performance. Intensified by up tempo music, you will be encouraged to give 200% during this fantastic workout!

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